On things I am glad I knew when our baby arrived…

Previously I posted on things I wished I had known before our baby arrived. There are some things that I am glad I knew when our baby arrived. Due to the shortness of the previous list, you might think that this list is going to be long. Not so. Most things you learn from experience – often hard earned experience. But there are definitely some things I knew beforehand, that made my life easier after our son’s birth.

I am so grateful that I went for private prenatal classes. I learned valuable things from the nurse that definitely made the time well-spent. She taught me many of the things on my list.

  1. I was so glad that I had made up my mind that breastfeeding was the only way to go for our son. Regardless of how much I struggled in the beginning. Years later the pediatrician asked me if I knew how different his story would have turned out if I hadn’t done that.
  2. Wash baby’s clothes separately with Sunlight’s Baby Washing Powder and Baby Softener for the first two years. My mom told me an interesting story when she heard this. She said that when she was a young girl around the Second World War, she remembers that Sunlight had this advertisement where they said that their washing powder was so soft on people’s hands that they were willing to pay 100 pounds to anyone who had skin problems after using their washing powder. The amazing thing is that after he turned 2 I thought I would try something a bit cheaper. He immediately had a rash. That was the end of experiments. We are still using Sunlight Washing Powder.
  3. The nurse said that if one of the parents had skin problems, we had to wash the baby only with white aqueous cream – no perfume. We had to do this until the baby was 2 years old. We would place our son on a towel, put the cream all over his body, (it included his hair right in the beginning) and rinse it in the bath. Until he was two. There were days when I thought that it would be impossible for him to get clean using only the cream. But, after playing in the water for a while, he always came clean. The amazing thing is that more than one pediatrician asked us about his skin. They all though that he would be prone to eczema but he never struggled. It really worked.
Never use any commercial baby soaps on a baby's skin.
  1. Never use any commercial baby soaps on a baby’s skin. Especially if there is a possibility for skin problems.
  2. Never use baby wipes. We made our own with a roll of double-ply toilet paper in a 1-litre bucket (you know the ones they use for party favors) and a bottle (500 ml) of technical oil. Technical oil is also known as soluble bath oil. You pour the oil over the roll of toilet paper in the bucket, put the lid on and leave it for a while. Overnight is good. Then you work the middle cylinder part of the toilet paper loose and remove it. And you simply pull the amount of paper our that you need. Not only did we not need wipes, we also did not need bum cream. The technical oil served both purposes. It’s quick and soft on baby’s bun as well as your hands.
  3. If there is a bit of rash, use Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment. It is a bit expensive but so good that you don’t need to use a lot.
  4. If there is a severe rash, use Antipeol Ointment. It is very expensive but once again, it is so good that it normally resolves the issue very quickly.
  5. This one has a mixture of my sister-in-law’s and my grandmother’s advice. My sister-in-law said that I shouldn’t worry about potty training. When he is ready, he will want to get out of his nappies. It will not be such a big effort for me and not so traumatic for him. My grandmother always said that one shouldn’t worry, by the time children are 18 they are normally off the bottle, the nappies and sleeping through the night. 😄 I never bothered with potty training and just after his second birthday, he told me he had enough of his nappies. And that was it.
By the time they are 18 children are normally off the bottle, the nappies and sleeping through the night.
  1. Don’t be so protective that he has no time for adventure and to learn new things. This is something that even today I am working hard at remembering. I have always been open for him to try new things and to be adventurous. Sure, when he was younger I tried to be around for those adventures but I have often watched his face light up when he wanted to do something new but thought that I would say no and then be so glad when I said yes. I am not talking about being careless. But don’t be overprotective. I will never forget the day when he was invited to go into the cage when they were feeding young crocodiles. He was so convinced that I would say no. The looks on his and my husband’s faces were so comic when I said sure, what an exciting adventure! He had the time of his life.
  2. You cannot read enough to your child. I started reading to our son when he was two months old. This is something I could have started earlier! Today he has a vast general knowledge and an amazing imagination.

Even though this list is not a very long list, I hope that it will help you some as well.

Sarah Dee 🌻

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