On things I wish I had known before my baby arrived

Of course there are many things that I didn’t know before our son arrived. I did not know that he would contribute to a lot of character building! He became a pointer to areas in my life that I thought I had been sorted out but in fact they had just never been challenged! But this short post is not about that. This is about a few practical things I wish I had known before my baby arrived because they could have made my life distinctly easier or even saved a lot of tears. They are not necessarily in order of importance. I listed them as I thought of them.

  • I wish I had known how important having the right bear (soft toy) is for sleeping. And comfort. And just having a friend. We bought Winnie the Pooh only when our son turned 1. He was one of our most valuable investments.
  • I wish I had known how much benefit an annual visit to an occupational therapist can have. Not because there is something wrong with my child or myself but because they can make your life easier with clever suggestions. And if there is a problem, the OT quickly identifies it and deals with it.
  • I  wish I had known that one should really postpone giving meat once you introduce solids. I waited the normally suggested time but later I read an article that suggested one should wait until 12 – 24 months. This could have saved our family a lot of tears and heartache, doctors visits and yes, money. This is something that I read in Healthy Kids, The Natural Way, a book by Mary-Ann Shearer and Charlotte Meschede.
  • I wish I had bought the hanging bed (I do Not earn any money for saying this) rather than the traditional cot. It stimulates the vestibular nerve just behind the auditory nerve and promotes sleep. Nights might have been more peaceful.
  • I wish I had the Baby Sense baby sling from the beginning. It became one of my most valuable tools once I bought it when our son was 2 months old.
  • I wish I had read the book, Baby Sense, before our son arrived or at least during the first week! It gave me some of the most valuable advice when I read it when he was two months old. Other than What to expect when you are expecting, this book really made an impact.
  • I wish I had understood the importance of routine the day that we arrived home from hospital. It only took a few days to learn this lesson but it was a really hard one.
  • I wish I had know how much a neck massager can help for engorgement. It resolves it within a few hours.

I am so grateful though for the things I did know when our baby arrived. This I will post next week.

Are there some things you wised you had known before your baby arrived?

Sarah Dee 🌻

Pooh Bear image by Şahin Sezer Dinçer from Pixabay.
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