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Glass half full or half empty?

Jeremimah see problems instead of challenges.

I am sure that you have heard about the glass half full or half empty analogy. Well, I am one of those glass half full people. I am not sure that I was born this way. I don’t think so. There is a distinct memory of my dad calling me Jeremimah (you know, after the lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah 😁). But somewhere along the line I made the decision to view life from a positive angle. I decided that I need to remove the word “problem” from my vocabulary. It is such a negative word. I have replaced it with the word “challenge“. It has changed the way that I look at life completely. Challenges are much easier to handle than problems.

Problems vs Challenges

A “challenge” is something to look forward to completing. It is something exciting. Completing a challenge is an achievement. If it had been my son writing here, he would have said it is like unlocking a new level!

Problems are so negative. They are like a mountain ahead of you on a scorching summerday with a hot wind blowing against you, the wrong shoes on your feet and not enough water to drink. When you have a problem you are tired even before you start dealing with it.

Problems are like a mountain ahead of you.

But a challenge is something that enriches your life; it is an opportunity to grow. You have a sense of accomplishment after you have completed a challenge. As if you can tick it off some or other list! After completing a challenge I sometimes create a list just so that I can tick it off – LOL!

Challenges are something that enriches your life; it is an opportunity to grow.

A challenge is an opportunity to see God at work in your life. Not as if He isn’t always busy with us, but when we face challenges, it is so much easier to recognize Him at work.


One of my favourite scriptures is Romans 5:3 – 5.

“And not only that but we glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance character, and character hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

Think of it like an athlete before a race. Athletes train hard. There is pain involved. Sore and tired muscles; injuries; long hours of practice when their friends are playing around. Disciplined eating and sleeping when others might be indulging in partying. But in the end, the disciplined, hard working athlete reaps the reward.

Think of challenges like an athlete before a race.

Raising children is a huge challenge on its own. We were married for nearly two decades before our son was born. The sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn baby was one of the first things that brought out a really ugly side of me. Areas in my life that I had thought had been dealt with a long time ago, I came to realize had simply not yet been challenged!

With children come an array of challenges. It feels like survival of the fittest. Then I am not even talking about the everyday things, like please and thank you or table manners!

If you were to look at each of these as a problem, you will quickly become overwhelmed, depressed and hopeless. But if you saw them for what they really are, challenges that will build character both in you and in your child, you will face them with hope.

“Now hope does not disappoint…”.

Sarah Dee 🌻

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