Raising Sunshine Kids

Raising Sunshine Kids

If you are a father or a mother, a grandfather or a grandmother, or maybe you feel either young and invigorated by your charges, or maybe a bit old and weary, or you might be a teacher, a nanny or an au pair and maybe not always be quite sure which, or maybe all of the above… then this website is for you.

With this website I want to provide resources for everyone involved with kids. The aim is to bring some relief, hopefully some laughter, and for those who are more serious, I hope that together we will find some insight. As it is the beginning of everything, we will look at leading our children to a relationship with God. We will also look at education and all sorts of challenges that we might face. I include navigating the muddied technological water as safely as possible because I am a bit of a technology freak. Homeschoolers and any other educators will find resources whether on admin and management or lessons.

We had our miracle boy after nearly two decades of marriage. Before that I was committed for 16 years in some form of children’s or youth ministry. For 8 of those I was teaching at Christian schools. I have also been a lecturer at Bible Schools. Today I provide management systems for small businesses and develop training material for organizations. We have also been homeschooling our son since 2015.

Join me on this journey of raising sunshine kids… Sunshine because it can be a season of growth and laughter and summer holidays… It can also be a time of drought and hardship, when we build character and develop grit.

Sarah Dee 🌻

Image by softhunterdevil from Pixabay
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